Why I use acrylics

I love painting in acrylics and the main reason for that is their versatility.

Easy to use

I use acrylics because they allow me to get going quickly and don’t require any lengthy preparations .  Using acrylics I don’t need to prime and gesso canvases to protect them. Unlike oils where I do. This means that I can paint directly on to any medium, canvas, paper or board.


WIth acrylics I can move quickly because they dry quickly (sometimes too quickly but they can be slowed by adding retardant). This is in marked contrast to oils that can take days or weeks to dry. This allows me to make more rapid progress.

Its all about the colour

Using acrylics means that what I see as I’m painting is what I will see when its dry. Acrylics also keep their colour over longer time scales unlike some oils which can be prone to yellowing.

Plastic fantastic

One of the great things about acrylics is that they are so flexible. I can apply thin washes, or work thickly with a pallet knife without fear of them cracking as they dry (a problem for some oils).

Odorless (they don’t smell!)

Unlike oils acrylics have the great benefit that they don’t smell. I love the smell of oil paints, the linseed, the turpentine the paints themselves but for my small attic studio in my small house its just not practical. Acrylics don’t smell and are probably better for your health as a result.

What works

I know acrylics and they work for me. I’ve used them for the last 20 years and hopefully I know how to get the best out of them.  

How about you?

If you’re a fan of acrylics (or want to put the case for oils, watercolours or crayons) get in contact and let me know.

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