Why art and interior design are so closely linked.

Who’s art is it anyway?

When we think of art we often think of galleries or grand art exhibitions, but the fact is that most of our contact and experience of art is in a much more domestic setting. Few of us have the opportunity to set aside whole rooms for the display of art and as a result the art in our collections, the pieces we love, have to sit alongside all of the other components that make up our homes.

Curate your space

In the quest to design interiors that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, original art and fine art can provide a stunning focal point and can be a key element in setting the tone and style of a space, whether formal or modern, relaxed, cosy or irreverent. Interior design creates the space and the right art can elevate a room from ‘nice’ to sensational. Art plus interior design have the ability to elevate the mood and make you feel good.

The choices we make

Of course not all art works in all situations and choosing the right art needs careful consideration.

A formal design style might work with gold framed old Masters where a modernist style might suit the sharp lines of some abstracts or op-art.

Pop art could complement a relaxed and vibrant interior but a more homely look may require rolling landscapes or verdant floral designs.

Or perhaps your space is bold and radical enough to handle cutting edge contemporary art pieces.

You might even say that a room is “not finished without art, it’s what designs the space” [Andrew Martin].

Why is art the key factor

Art shows your creative side, adds colour, texture and sets you apart as an individual.

Of course art can extend beyond the walls to sculpture, ceramics and even dioramas or kinetic art.

The key question is does the art fit the design or dictate the design. Certainly choosing the right art can help define your style and guide your decisions for every other element of the room.

Equally a strong design could produce a room for which you need to find the perfect piece and so begins a hunt through galleries, art fairs and individual artists.

Whichever route you choose to arrive at your perfect interior design, original art can provide the wow factor that brings it all together.  

If you have used art in your interior design projects please leave comments below.

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